After an affair has happened…

Cheating, adultery, infidelity or an affair… these are all just different words describing an act that is so awful that violates the trust and shatters the respect in a relationship. The words may differ but the impact is always the same: devastating!

Most couples have great difficulty dealing with the shocking effects of an affair. Is this currently the case in your relationship? If so, how are you dealing with it? Are you going leave each other? Is this the end of the relationship and love that you cherished so much? Or will you be able to heal the relationship and rebuild the trust?

This is for sure… The solid base of trust, security and safety that you once shared is gone. All that remains is probably an unbearable sense of loss, helplessness and grief.

What to do now that the affair is in the open…

Keep open lines of communication. Yes, I know… this may be very, very difficult in this situation. But realize that only by working together you stand a chance of overcoming this situation. And, if you succeed in doing this, your relationship will be stronger than before. It may seem contradictory but at this moment you need each other more than ever! Together you can save your relationship!

You can save your relationship! Yes, even after an affair.

Saving your relationship is possible. Even after an affair. Even if you feel like all hope is lost.

Saving your relationship may be possible, but it will not be easy. You both will need to support each other on the long way to recovery. To heal the relationship you both will have to take steps to rebuild the trust and respect that has been lost.

Are you committed to rebuild the trust in your relationship?

It is hard to heal a relationship once it has been wounded. It is even harder to rebuild trust once it has been lost. It takes the staunch commitment to each other to survive the event of an affair, the vulnerability and compassion to reconnect to each other and a graceful willingness to forgive transgressions.

Are you a committed couple, willing to do what is necessary to heal your relationship and rebuild the precious trust that was lost?

Rebuilding trust after an affair

If you are a committed couple and you are interested in the ‘After an Affair’ plan, then please schedule an appointment for an introductory session in my online calendar. This first meeting gives us the chance to get to know each other in a non-binding way and to determine whether we click. During this first meeting I will also further explain my approach and answer all questions you may have.

Please know that before we can start the following conditions apply. Whatever the state of your relationship is at this moment, it must be free from:

  • Domestic abuse or violence
  • Substance abuse or addiction

Do you still have any doubts and hesitations?

Some couples want to heal their relationship and rebuild their trust after an affair has devastated it. Yet doubts and hesitations make it difficult for them to seek the help they need. This is understandable and OK. Please read here what you can do to overcome these doubts and hesitations.