A relationship crisis…

It may happen unexpectedly…

You or your partner may have done something that has had a devastating effect on the trust and commitment in your relationship. Maybe one of you had an affair… maybe one of you held something back… Maybe one of you abused the trust that was given to you… No matter what, your relationship does not feel like a safe place anymore…

You both may not know how to deal with this and what it means for your relationship. Do you still remain together? Do you break up? What once gave you a feeling of certainty is now gone… What is left is sense of helplessness which is almost unbearable…

What to do in a relationship crisis?

Stay or leave? What assurances do I have that all will be well if you stay? Will you damage your relationship beyond repair if you leave?

A relationship crisis leads to all kinds of pressing questions. I do not recommend to make emotionally difficult decisions that will have a profound impact on your future during a relationship crisis. No matter how difficult the situation is, keep the communication with each other open. Be aware that if you get through this situation together, you both and your relationship will be stronger, much stronger, than before this relationship crisis.

De-escalating a Relationship Crisis

If you are experiencing a relationship crisis you need to come together as soon as possible to de-escalate the current situation and work out your future. First you come together, only than you can solve your problems. Not the other way around.

This may be very difficult as one of you may feel betrayed, deceived or otherwise emotionally abandoned, while the other one feels afraid or ashamed. This sting of these emotions may hurt so bad, that it hinders the meaningful reconciliation which needs to happen.

This is where I can help. I can intervene and guide you through this difficult conversation you need to have. The main goal of my intervention is to diffuse tensions and help you both take a thorough look at what is happening in your relationship. During this conversation I will help you both gain clarity on what you need to be able to rescue and repair your relationship.

Create a space where you can start over!

My intervention consists of an intensive session lasting at least three hours. During this session, we will identify the negative patterns and incidents that lead to so much grief in your relationship. After that, we can examine what you need to tackle these patterns and incidents. This will enable you both to create a space where you can start over again together.

The relationship crisis intervention is especially for couples who feel that their relationship needs immediate attention, because otherwise it will end up in a breakup. These couples would like to be guided in a conversation as soon as possible so they can talk about their current situation.

Do not let a crisis ruin your relationship!

A relationship crisis intervention is an one-time session. If afterward the session you might like further guidance, I would recommend going into couples therapy.

If you find yourselves in a relationship crisis, please contact me immediately. Do not let a crisis ruin what was once a strong and loving relationship.